The Mythical Construction of the Spread of Lassa Fever among Garri Marketers: Empirical Evidence from Edo State, Nigeria


  • O. B. Izekor Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services, University of Benin, Nigeria
  • A. I. Kenneth Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services, University of Benin, Nigeria
  • G. F. Koledoye Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State, Nigeria



Lassa Fever, Garri, Marketers, Spread, Belief


Lassa fever (LF) is prevalent in Edo State, where garri, the most important cassava product, is processed and marketed. The disease spreads through practices influenced by the beliefs and traditions of garri marketers. The study examines the mythical beliefs people hold about Lassa fever. A simple random sampling procedure was used to select 192 garri marketers. A structured interview schedule was employed to elicit quantitative data, while in-depth interviews were conducted to collect qualitative data. Gross Margin was used to determine profitability, and the qualitative data were transcribed. Garri marketing is a profitable venture with a gross margin of N80,752.22 per month. A large proportion (39.5%) of the marketers never believed in the epidemic nature of Lassa fever, attributing the disease to punishment from deities. Additionally, 44.6% indicated that the government used it to secure funding from international communities, while others believed that rats are not the cause of Lassa fever. In conclusion, some marketers hold false beliefs about the reality of Lassa fever. Expanding an effective awareness campaign to dispel myths about Lassa fever is crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of preventive measures against its spread.


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